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How to donate pens:

You can send pens to:
- Claus Hjoernet, Holmevej 21 Annisse Nord, DK-3200 Helsinge, Denmark
- Linda Schaffer, 2225 Josie Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90815, USA
...or directly to our contacts in Africa. See the complete list of Pens for Kids Ambassadors here:

When you send pens:

When you send a package of pens to Africa it may speed up the customs clearing and save money for the receiver if you mark the package "Pens for Kids" on the front. However - if you do this - don't put anything but pens in it!

The reason for this is, that the customs authorities in Africa seem to have found out that Pens for Kids is a legitimate charity project and not business. So far my ambassadors have not been charged for any duty, tax or fee for a package of pens - as long as there is nothing but pens in the package.

Money donations:

Make your check payable to “Pens For Kids” and send to:

Pens For Kids International, Inc.
2225 Josie Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90815 USA

Make a bank transfer to "Pens for Kids Danmark, Reg. nr. 2313, Kontonummer 0712-660-015

...or transfer through Paypal on Pens for Kids UK's website: